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Blair Atholl , Pitlochry, Perthshire, PH18 5SG


Perthshire offers facilities almost unsurpassed anywhere in the UK for corporate teambuilding events. The natural features of the landscape are tailor-made for a whole range of activities that are not possible elsewhere. Ensuring a glorious combination of learning with fun.

Our programmes respond to specific needs, agenda and budget. Superb partnerships with a wealth of surrounding local activity providers allows us to help you build teambuilding programmes focusing on fun, interactive team building and experiential learning activities designed to promote team spirit and a winning, participative culture. Specifically tailored to match each customer’s needs.

Historically, much teambuilding effort focused on its entertainment value. We work closely with our local facilitators and providers to deliver a team working solution for you that ensures real improvements in the effectiveness of your organisation.

You know the social benefits of building teams. We don’t lose sight of the business reasons too. Our team will help you develop a clear vision as to what your team needs to deliver and will help you realize the success your event requires.

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