Classic Cars for Hire

Classic Car

Under pressure from Heather I have decided to put my small collection of Classic Cars available for occasional hire. Either use them or lose them was her basic ultimatum – and I have to admit she is right, as they run better with reasonable use.

Classic Car

On the right day using one of these cars for a short drive, picnic or castle visit is a memorable way to see the area. I intend daily hire to be quite reasonable but will add a mileage charge to try and keep the miles down, and you are not paying rentals whilst having a picnic, photo session or castle visit.

Classic Car

You will need to arrange your own insurance, and we will give you a familiarity introduction for each car. The older cars are really a machine compared to modern cars, and do need to be driven in a sympathetic manner if you don’t want to end up in a cloud of steam.

Proprietor: Heather Reeves
The Atholl Arms Hotel, Blair Atholl, Perthshire
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